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“Haven’t messaged as I didn’t want to jinx it, but almost straight away I was able to run !!!!????. The EGOSCUE exercises seem to of removed 75% of the discomfort – seriously!!!!. Thanks so much” 


Paul – fell runner

“I’ve been doing the POSTURE class for two and a bit months now… I was destined alas for injections in my lower back because the lumbar had moved and were poking the nerve..as well as a badly healed hip bursitis . Very depressing at 48..and not something I wanted..(pain or injections) . Fast forward to this morning lol.. 😁 😁 😁.. When in one fluid movement after a pain free night’s sleep I put my pants on like a normal person 😊.. What could I do.. I went for the trousers to see if it was a fluke!.. It seems not.‼️. Do I dare to go for socks I thought🤔🤔.. Its been a while.. 3 out of 3..#well chuffed!.. Jo you and your egoscue wizardry are just wonderful…thankyou.. No injections for me.. Just re learning how to move and accepting what my aging bod will put up with..hip hip hurry!”

Sally 48

“Feel Good Fitness classes with Jo have helped me in my recovery from anxiety . The positive and friendly classes are commitment free but Jo is so warm and welcoming that you’ll feel like going back .”
Lisa 43

” I  go to any class I can possibly get to because I love all your fitness classes as they make me feel good and it gives me a positive outlook to enjoy life..💕 ” Deb 54 

“I discovered Jo a few years ago in a plight to get fit and healthy, I first joined a Piloxing class, I was very nervous and worried about what people would think of me, as I was overweight. Jo welcomed me into the class and I felt at ease. The class was amazing, and that started my journey with Jo, I went on to do FitSteps, fitness classes all sort of things that I never thought I would do.  My confidence grew and I began to love myself a little more. Jo is brilliant, thoughtful and does not judge anyone . . . we are all different and have different abilities. The classes have different moves for your abilities.  Jo is the best teacher by far ”  Erika 40

“I’m a massive fan of Jo’s classes. I’ve attended the fitness/Zumba & Fitsteps for several years and both are great fun and a great workout.”  Jane 56

“Jo is by far the best yoga instructor I’ve ever had and her classes have become essential to my physical and spiritual development. She is wonderfully down to earth and passionate about sharing an authentic and balanced yoga practice, and is always amazingly in tune with the needs of the class ” Sally, 37

“A wonderful FitSteps class. Lots of fun and great for keeping fit. Also love the Fitness class. Brilliant music and exercises with a lot of laughs thrown in”  Emma 41

“Jo’s fitness classes? The highlight of my week!!”

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BODY – Your afternoon will start with a lovely gentle, stress reducing yin yoga practice. Lots of stillness and very long gentle stretches – suitable for all bodies.  We will be inside and the wood burning stove will be on so we will be nice and cosy.   MIND – Following your lovely yoga session, Liz will gently lead you into your guided mindfulness practice including breathwork and tapping.   PURPOSE – stepping forward into nature, Elaine will take us outside into the woods where we will enjoy refreshments and settle in for a powerful “GROW” session – stepping forward